Residential Services

An attractive, well-crafted landscape substantially
increases the value of your home and enhances
your quality of life. COTTS offers residential
landscape services in the Des Moines Metro area
to suit your tastes, property and lifestyle.Residential

If you are currently working with a landscape
architect, or if you are a landscape architect with a
client in need of a contractor, COTTS is prepared to
help you throughout the contracting process.
Our team will guide you through budgeting, formal
estimating, project management and property
maintenance to ensure your design reaches its
full potential.

Snow Cleanup

Whether its plowing your driveway or blowing off the sidewalks, Cotts has you covered. Our vehicles and teams are equipped with the very best to take care of your snow removal needs.

Residential Landscape Design

Design/Build is the collaborative process of conceptualizing and creating your outdoor space. This process combines the traditionally separate disciplines of design and installation, resulting in projects that are imaginative yet readily built. In addition, the collaboration allows for responsiveness to changes during the installation that help keep the project true to the client's needs. Through single-point accountability, a landscape designer will be your companion and trusted resource during the design and creation of your outdoor space. Our designers lead well trained, experienced and trusted crews to install your outdoor space.

Each outdoor space we construct is a unique reflection our client's personality relative to their property. This is
accomplished through careful listening and observation. We will develop a written plan, constructing the landscape according to that plan. This is achieved through collaboration with the client, designer and our talented, professional crews.

The range of the tasks we perform range from a simple, single tree installation to comprehensive, total property transformations.