Lot Clearing/Tree Clearing

COTTS is experienced in large tree clearing jobs for development as well as small land clearing for single homes. Examples of tree clearing opportunities: Land development for shopping centers, new subdivision, new single family home. We may also clear trees for a future driveway, pool, or addition to your home. Our top notch professionals will leave your area clean, usable, and obstacle free. As always, we would love to stop out and provide you with a free estimate 614-523-7700.

Storm Clean-up
Sometimes when a storm rolls thru it leaves a mess behind. COTTS will be there to help clean it up. We can remove fallen trees, large branches off roofs or from yards. We can work with your insurance company if the need should arise. We can all do a preventative maintenance, however we are here in your time of need after the storm. Give us a call to set up your free estimate.

Stump Removal

Removing a stump is tedious, and difficult. Most people don't think about the stump and roots of a tree once it has been cut down. These remaining parts will become an eyesore and an unnecessary space hog once the tree is gone. We will remove the stump and roots as you wish so that you may have curb appeal back to your lovely home.

Leftover stumps may get in the way of a newly installed driveway, a new swing set, or even additional flowerbeds. Let COTTS professionals remove that unwanted stump so you can get that beautiful yard you've always wanted! We would love to provide you with a free estimate- 614-523-7700.